Canada’s Food Island Social Media Toolkit

Introducing your Canada’s Food Island social media toolkit! We are SO excited to partner with you and your organization to showcase and celebrate Prince Edward Island, Canada’s Food Island.

We all know and appreciate what our Island has to offer. And together, we can make sure the rest of the world knows too.

Let’s put the spotlight on the incredible people, places, experiences and ingredients that make Canada’s Food Island a must-visit culinary destination, an ideal location for your food business, and the best source for lobster, mussels, oysters, potatoes and beef!

Please consider this toolkit as a jumping off point for collaborating and sharing our collective love for the Island far and wide. Here, you’ll find resources to help amplify the impact of your social media content and access to heaps of our content that you are encouraged to share.

And, as always, we encourage you to share your recipes and events through our portals, so we can amplify them through our website and social media channels.

Key Messaging to Convey + Call To Actions

1. Prince Edward Island is Canada’s Food Island

Here, you can see where your food comes from and connect with the people who grow and harvest it. We’re world renowned for our incredible ingredients, including lobster, oysters, mussels, beef, and potatoes, but our most exceptional ingredient is our people.

Our Island is home to countless farmers, fishers, chefs, food entrepreneurs, and generations of food lovers that are passionate about harvesting, creating, and sharing the very best food and drink.

2. Your Food Story Starts Here

We provide inspiration to food lovers and support to food entrepreneurs, so everyone can be part of Canada’s Food Island story.

We encourage you to share your PEI Food Story! Whether you live here or you’re ‘just’ visiting, use #PEIFoodStory to share your favourite food experiences on #CanadasFoodIsland and for the chance to be featured on our socials!

3. There’s ALWAYS plenty to see, do and eat on Canada’s Food Island

PEI is a 4-season destination for food, culture, entertainment, and adventure. We love welcoming visitors to every corner of the Island and there’s always something to experience, whether it’s summer, fall, winter or spring.

4. You can still experience and TASTE Canada’s Food Island before/after your visit!

Check out Canada’s Food Island’s curated recipe database and remember to ask for PEI products when you’re grocery shopping

Follow our Food Advocates to enjoy outtakes of Canada FoodI all year-round
Order PEI Gift Boxes for yourself/those you love – PEI lobster delivered straight to your door? Yum!

5 Ways to Use Canada’s Food Island Website to Share Content:

We know creating engaging content can be time-consuming and challenging, but it doesn’t have to be! Here are 5 easy ways to spread the love for PEI through the Canada’s Food Island website.

  • RECIPES – share existing recipes on IG, FB, Twitter and Pinterest + your eNewsletter. Plus, please also ADD recipes to the website 🙂
  • OUR FOOD STORIES (Blog) – Updated regularly, Our Food Stories will serve as great content for your social channels and eNews. If you have a suggestion for a blog feature, please let Shannon know.
  • FOOD LOVERS – Follow our Local Food Advocates and share their content
  • EVENTS – Be sure to add your events to our calendar and share events directly from the calendar with your followers
  • HIGHLIGHT OUR AMAZING FOOD – Share ‘What’s in Season’, Share the Eat & Drink Guide.

Friends, these are just a few of the many ways we can all work together to promote our incredible Island. We will continue to add more tools to this toolkit and welcome any ideas or suggestions you have on how we can make it even more helpful.

As noted above, here at Food Island Partnership we’re always excited to connect and collaborate with you on initiatives that celebrate and showcase PEI. Please reach out to us any time and keep an eye on your inbox for invites to future networking and learning events we will be hosting!

Social Media Accounts to Follow/Tag & Our Websites:

IG: @canadasfoodisland
FB: @canadasfoodisland
Twitter: @canadasfoodisl

Canada’s Food Island Website:

Canada’s Food Island Gift Card Website:

Canada’s Food Island Social Media Assets – Ongoing Campaign

Here you’ll find social media posts that can be used as you please! We ask that you tag @canadasfoodisland and #peifoodstory when sharing these pots!

Click here to access our social media assets folder.

Infographic found here!

Hashtags to Use:

#canadasfoodisland #peifoodstory #peigiftcard

Additional Hashtag Suggestions:

#pei #princeedwardisland #peifoood #peibeef #peipotatoes #peilobster #peimussels #peioysters #lovelocal #lovelocalpei #discoverpei #explorepei #canadiandestinations #canadasfoodisland

Types of Content to Share/Tag With Canada’s Food Island

Photos, videos, blogs, and other types of content that showcase:

  • Culinary events/festivals
  • Cultural events with a food component
  • Food/drink content (e.g. image of a lobster roll, spotlight on a local restaurant, etc.)
  • Farm/fishing-related content
  • Scenery/imagery that celebrates and showcases PEI
  • Outdoor adventure (e.g. The Island Walk, fat biking, snowshoeing, cycling, etc.)
  • People that contribute to creating Canada’s Food Island – chefs, farmers, fishers, restaurateurs, artisan food producers, brewers, etc.
  • Anything else that celebrates Canada’s Food Island


Current campaigns running through CFI or associated channels are as follows:

    Infographics – PEI Food Products

    We have created custom-made infographics that showcase each of PEI’s key food products and provide valuable insights on the products themselves, as well as the industries. 

      Access All Infographics Here – Lobster, Mussels, Potatoes, Oysters


      Canada’s Food Island logo files:

      Color Logo Download

      Dark Logo Download

      Light Logo Download


      Colour Palettes

      Canada’s Food Island


      Island Green

      HEX #299971
      RGB 41 153 113
      CMYK 73 0 26 40

      Rustic Red

      HEX #D13A26
      RGB 209 58 38
      CMYK 0 72 82 18

      Our brand is underpinned with a colour palette designed to be fresh, modern and distinctive. Different combinations of colour can dramatically change the tone and appearance of a document so it is important to consider how they work together. To help achieve greater brand recognition it is important that our colour palette is applied consistently.

      Sunflower Yellow

      HEX #F2B114
      RGB 242 177 20
      CMYK 0 27 92 5

      Carved Charcoal

      HEX #2F302F
      RGB 47 48 47
      CMYK 2 0 2 81


      Header Font: All major headlines (h1,h2,h3,h4,h5,h6)

      Font Family: Akzidenz-Grotesk R (download here)

      Font Weight: Bold (600)

      Color:  #333333 or white

      Line Height: Minimum 1.3em

      Akzidenz-Grotesk R Bold




      Body Font: All body content

      Font Family: Gotham Book (download here)

      Font Weight: Book (400)

      Color: #3d3d3d

      Line Height: Minimum 1.8em

      Gotham Book




      Body Font: Use for links and bolded content

      Font Family: Gotham Bold (download here)

      Font Weight: Bold (700)

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      Gotham Bold




      Header Font: Used for touches of personality in H1 format.

      Font Family: Tiny Love Script (download here) 

      Font Weight: Brush Script

      Color: Sunflower Yellow (reference here), or white

      Line Height: Minimum 1.15em

      Tiny Love Script




      Training Videos:

      Learn to create an account, login, submit a recipe or event, or favourite and rate your favourite CFI recipes! Access our google drive of training videos here.

      Let’s Connect and Collaborate!

      At Food Island Partnership, we’re always excited to connect by phone, email, and in-person too. If you’re dreaming up a new culinary event and want to brainstorm, we’ll bring the coffee to the table. If you’re interested in creating new photo or video assets and want to collaborate with us, we’re IN. If you want to work together on a blog to showcase your farmers, culinary members, etc. connect with us. You get the idea – we’re always keen to collaborate 🙂

      Crystal MacGregor
      Director of Communications & Marketing, Food Island Partnership

      Shannon Courtney
      Social Media Manager, Canada’s Food Island

      Canada's Food Island Toolkit

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