This Way or That: Classic and Adventurous Recipes Celebrating PEI Ingredients

We love it when an ingredient is as versatile as it is delicious. As luck would have it, our most famous PEI ingredients can be enjoyed in myriad ways – from a classic lobster boil to a fried oyster eggs benny, baked potato taco bar, and more. To help inspire your kitchen creativity, we’ve put together our first-ever This Way or That recipe compilation, which features a classic take and a more adventurous spin on each of our most beloved PEI ingredients: 


PEI lobster doesn’t need any dressing up, which is why a classic lobster boil is a go-to for many lovers of this sweet, healthy seafood.

PEI Seafood Boil

Still, we can’t help but insist that you give your crustacean the chance to shine in this delightful PEI Lobster Risotto dish!

PEI Lobster Risotto

DID YOU KNOW? PEI fishers harvest an average of 47 MILLION pounds of lobster each year!


Potatoes often get shimmied to sideshow status on the dinner plate, but we wholeheartedly believe they were meant to shine as the hero ingredient!

For an indulgent, crowd-wowing dish that will leave ‘em wanting for nothing, try this dish that’s easier to make than it sounds:

Potato Bacon Pie with Maple Bacon Sauce

Or, if you’re in search of a family-friendly dinner idea that’s easy to bake up and will suit the dietary needs/preferences of everyone, try this DIY Potato Taco Bar. Vegans, vegetarians and omnivores will all fall in love with this one!

DIY Baked Potato Taco Bar

DID YOU KNOW? Here on Canada’s Food Island, our farmers grow and harvest over 2.6 BILLION pounds of potatoes every year and ship them to more than 30 countries!!!


PEI mussels are packed with nutrition, easy to prepare on the fly, AND very affordable. You really can’t go wrong, when you bring these juicy morsels to the table. Did we mention they’re also super versatile?

You can dress ‘em up for a night on the town with this creamy, rich lager soup recipe that showcases PEI mussels alongside dill, cream, and a lager beer.

Lager Soup with PEI Mussels and Dill

Or keep it simple yet sublime with this classic recipe featuring white wine, garlic, and our famous PEI mussels:

Island Steamed Mussels

DID YOU KNOW? 80% of Canadian mussels are grown and harvested right here in Prince Edward Island, Canada’s Food Island.


Purists will say that the only way to properly indulge in a PEI oyster is raw on the half shell. While we are inclined to agree, we also have room in our hearts (and tummies) for fried and baked oysters, when they’re cooked with love and skill!

For those that love ‘em raw, this refreshing recipe pairs PEI oysters with a cucumber, lime and mint salsa:

Oysters with Cucumber, Lime and Mint Salsa (use Princess Delights oysters for optimal enjoyment!)

Bring oysters to the breakfast table with this twist on the classic eggs benny:

Crispy Fried Oyster Eggs Benedict

DID YOU KNOW? 26% of Canadian oysters are grown on Prince Edward Island. Our oysters are world-renowned thanks to the distinctive salty, sweet flavour that results from PEI’s unique merroir


PEI  beef is always a party-pleaser thanks to the flavourful profile it boasts from our unique terroir. Whether you’re firing up the BBQ for a family feast or hosting a soiree, there’s a beef dish that’s perfectly suited to the occasion.

Burgers never go out of style and this recipe ups the ante with toppings that perfectly complement the juicy beef patty:

Beef Hamburgers with Aged Cheddar

Test your cooking chops and impress your dinner guests with this indulgent beef bourguignon appetizer:

Beef Bourguignon Toast

DID YOU KNOW? Certified Island Beef is humanely raised on small PEI family farms, antibiotic-free for at least 100 days prior to going to market, and contains no synthetic hormones

We hope our first This or That blog has inspired you to try your hand at a classic or experiment with a new way to enjoy one of our famous PEI ingredients.

Looking for more inspo? Check out our recipe bank for heaps more inspo – from chocolate potato cakes and lobster gnocchi, Oysters Rockefeller, chorizo mussels, beefy mac n’ cheese and more!

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