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Thai Coconut Mussels

Recipe courtesy of Chef Irwin MacKinnon



In a stainless steel bowl combine all above ingredients, except the mussels and cornstarch until blended.

Add about half of the coconut mixture to a medium size pot with lid

Add rinsed mussels to pot, stir to mix with coconut mixture

Cover pot and steam on high heat for 3 to 4 minutes or until all mussels have opened. Transfer cooked mussel to serving dish and cover to keep warm.

Return pot and the coconut broth to the stove. Combine cornstarch with a little cold water to blend.

Whisk cornstarch mixture into the boiling broth to thicken slightly.

Pour coconut mixture over mussels.

Garnish with toasted unsweetened coconut, chopped cilantro and fresh lime if desired, enjoy!

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