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Oyster Rockefeller



Chuck your oysters .very carefully and use the proper oyster chucKer with protective- gloves.

Using the oyster chucker,remove the oyster meat and place it carefully onto a plate. (If you have a variety of oysters, use a separate plate so the oyster meat does not get mixed up).

Take the top of the oyster shell, and wash it with cold water just to make sure that the sand is removed and scrape the sides of the oyster shell to make it look nice. Disregard the flat part of the oyster shell.

Place washed shells onto your serving plate.

Take a small bowl and add sour cream, cream cheese, dried dill,stilton, or blue cheese. Mix everything together and set aside.

Take 3 small bowls and in your first add flour, salt, pepper, dry dill and mix together

In your second bow add eggs, milk and a touch of salt and mix.

In your third bowl add your Panko.

Remove the cooked oysters and place them onto a paper towel to absorb excess fat.

Take each of the cooked oysters and place them separately into your oyster shell, note if you have different oysters make sure you place your cooked oysters into the right shells.

Then take your Cream cheese mixture and place a dab on each oyster, then take some of the Stilton or Blue cheese place a small amount on top

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