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Oyster, Bacon + Wild Mushroom Stuffing

  • 10 - 12 Servings
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- 10 - 12 Servings +


Heat a large pan over medium high heat, cook bacon for 6 – 8 minutes, until it is crispy. Remove from pan with a slotted spoon and set aside. Reduce heat to medium and add butter to the same pan. Once butter is melted add onions, celery and herbs, season with salt and pepper. Cook for 10 – 12 minutes until vegetables have softened, stirring often. Add mushrooms, cook 5 – 7 minutes, until mushrooms have shrunk. Deglaze pan with wine and let cook for another 2 -3 minutes, until wine has reduced by half. Remove pan from heat.

In a medium sized bowl, whisk together eggs and chicken stock.

Preheat oven to 350°F.

In a large bowl toss together bread, oysters, bacon and mushroom mixture. Pour over chicken stock liquid and season with salt and pepper.

Transfer mixture to a buttered 9 x 13-inch oven-safe casserole dish, cover with a greased piece of foil (to avoid any sticking). Bake for 1 hour until bread has softened. Remove foil from pan, increase heat to 425°F, bake for another 15 – 20 minutes until the top is golden and puffy.

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