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Grilled PEI Oysters Casino

Recipe courtesy of Chef Adam Loo



Gently scrub oysters in cold water and a brush then shuck carefully keeping the oyster in tact and detach each one from their shell. Set oysters aside.

Place a cast iron pan or heavy bottom pot on your grill and let it heat up very hot. Add the bacon and cook it off stirring frequently.

Add the butter, shallots, celery, and red peppers and stir.

Squeeze the fresh lemon juice over the mixture and add the Worcestershire and cayenne.

Finish with fresh herbs and spoon about ½ a tsp of the mixture onto each oyster, try to fill the oyster up nicely.

Place each oyster on the grill and close the top and let cook for approximately 2-3 minutes then carefully take them off the grill.

Enjoy while hot and feel free to spice them up with some hot sauce or extra lemon juice!

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