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Christmas Brisket French Dip Sandwich

Recipe Courtesy of Chef Alyssa Dignard


    Braised Beef
  • Cranberry And Stout Aioli
  • Caramelized Onions
  • Stuffing Butter


Braised Beef Recipe:

Heavily season your brisket or other beef cut in Salt and Pepper.

In a pan on high heat and a little canola oil sear the beef until golden brown on all sides

Add all the other ingredients and use enough beef stock until its almost covered.

Wrap in tinfoil and braise in the oven at 400degrees for minimum 3hrs or until the meat is fall off the bone

Take the meat out and shred it. Drain the liquid and season it with salt and pepper.

That’s your just for dipping!

Cranberry And Stout Aioli Recipe:

Reduce this in a pot on low until it’s a nice syrup like consistency. Take 2 Cups of Mayonnaise and mix in the syrup.

Caramelized Onions Recipe:

Slice the onions thin and in canola oil on medium low, cook them until they are dark golden brown and sweet. Add the butter at the end with salt and pepper to taste.

Stuffing Butter Recipe:

Butter a halved baguette or bread of your choosing with the stuffing butter and toast it.

Layer on the caramelized onions, beef, a nice gruyere cheese, and melt in the oven.

Top with your aioli and serve with a side of the braising jus to dip your sandwich in.

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