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Royal Star Foods Ltd.

Royal Star Foods Ltd. Is the most unique lobster processing plant in the world. Located in the beautiful community of Tignish, it is owned by the people who harvest and process the seafood. The community of less than 2,000 people formed a co-operative in 1925 with just 25 fishers. Since then, the Tignish Fisheries Co-operative Association has grown to more than 180 fishers.

In 1996, Tignish fisheries opened its third processing plant in its history. This is one of the newest and largest seafood processing plants in Canada. At peak production, more than 300 people from the local community work at the plant. The fishers and the workers care about their products and produce them with community pride.

The seafood is harvested just off the shores of Tignish in an environmentally conscious and the fishers and community realize the fishery has provided a living for the community of Tignish and surrounding areas for 200 years and will continue to if the resource is fished in a sustainable manner.

Brand Names

Star of the Sea (SOS)

Type of Company


Annual Sales

Over $1,000,000


Francis Morrissey




175 Judes Point Road, Tignish, PE








Food service
Whole Sale

Domestic Markets

British Columbia
Prairie Provinces

International Markets

United States

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