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Raspberry Point Oyster Co.

Raspberry Point Oysters-New London Bay, PEI National Park, Canada Harvested from one of the most northern stocks of oysters in North Americe. These oysters take 6-7 years to reach market size. Raspberries are constantly manicured throughout the growth process to produce a perfect 3 to 3.5 inch small choice oyster tha has a wonderful salty taste, clean flavor with a delightful sweet finish.Pickle Point Oysters-Hope River PEI National Park, Canada A beautiful farmed raised oyster with ivory lips, glistening meats and heavy, thick shell. These 3 to 3.5 inch small choice oysters are raked as seed from PEI’s remote icy waters and transferred to Pickle Point in New London Bay. Pickles sit firmly in your palm, are a breeze to open and will deliver the firm, salty, taste your patrons desire. Shiny Sea Oysters-New London Bay, PEI National Park, Canada Handled extensively in their early stages of growth and harvested at a young age, the Shiny Sea oyster presents itself beautifully on the half shell. Quintessential flavors from native food sources flowing in from several small tributaries define the brand. Shiny Sea Oysters take approximately 4-5 years to reach their market size of 2.5 to 3 inches. The cups are full with plump meats that have an immediate salty taste and end with a subtle, sweet finish. Lucky Limes Oysters-PEI National Park Dunes Area, New London Bay, PEI Canada Stimulated bu the subtle mixture of seawater and tidal streams that break up the landscape of the surrounding farmland Lucky Lime oysters develop a unique organic flavor and a bright green shell. Always in high demand and limited quantities, the Lucky Limes are for the distinguished oyster slurper looking for subtle taste variations in their half shell offerings.

Brand Names

Raspberry Point, Pickle Point, Shiny Seas, Lucky Lime

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Annual Sales

Over $1,000,000


James Power




9581 Cavendish Rd, RR#6, Cavendish, PE C0A 1N0







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oysters Oysters


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Domestic Markets

Atlantic Canada
British Columbia
Prairie Provinces

International Markets

United States