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MacKinnon’s Lobster Pound Ltd.

Lobster on the Wharf, known also as MacKinnon’s Lobster Pound to locals, has been operated by Jim and Helen Larkin since 1981. For about 17 years before that, there was a lobster pound run by the late Gordon MacKinnon, hence the name “MacKinnon’s.” When the business changed hands in 1981, the product line consisted only of lobster and clams. Since then it has expanded to include mussels, oyster, scallops, quahaugs, halibut, haddock, salmon fillets, lobster meat, frozen lobster tails, and other products. As well, customers can pick up seafood chowder, potato salad, coleslaw, and rolls to bring home with them for a complete lobster dinner experience. The entire plant has been rebuilt since Hurricane Juan did structural damage in 2003, but the plant has met the stringent standards required for licensing by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency since in the 1990’s. Adjacent to the seafood market, the Larkins have built a full-service seafood restaurant that can seat 180 or more indoors and over 100 outside on the second storey patio and wharf decks. Additional Contact Person and Phone Number: Chris Beaton, (902)892-7601

Type of Company

Processor, 1 Retail


Jim Larkin




2 Prince Street, Charlottetown, PE, C1A 4P5








Food service
Whole Sale

Domestic Markets

British Columbia

International Markets

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