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Captain Cooke’s Seafood Inc.

Captain Cooke’s Seafood Inc. is a federally registered processing facility that went into operation in April 2004. Captain Cooke’s Seafood Inc. is owned by Randy Cooke and Dewis Cooke. The processing facility is 40’x100′ with a receiving/shipping area, cook room, processing area, ice room, chill and cold storage rooms, input material storage areas and a large retail operation at the front of the facility. At the present time, the company produces fresh and frozen whole cooked lobster, fresh and frozen raw scallops, fresh or frozen whole, round or dressed smelts, fresh or frozen cooked snow crab sections and frozen round mackerel for export. Captain Cooke’s Seafood Inc. also offer a wide spectrum of seafood products to the general public through its retail operation at the facility. Our company distributes its finished product into the Canadian marketplace both by land and air.

Type of Company



Thane Cooke




23675 Trans Canada Hwy Borden-Carleton, PE C0B 1X0




Direct to consumer
Food service
Whole Sale

Domestic Markets

Atlantic Canada
British Columbia
Prairie Provinces

International Markets

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