L’Exposition agricole et le Festival acadien

August 30 - September 2, 2012

Lively Acadian-style entertainment, Acadian food and lobster in the shell are highlighted at Le Festin acadien avec homard (grand feast of Acadian food and lobster) at 4:30pm on Friday. Judging of livestock and handicrafts classes, and various culinary and craft demonstrations. Delicious home baked meals including roast pork, roast beef and fresh lobster in the shell. Horse pulling contest, 4-wheeler pull, men and ladies strength competitions, youth talent contest, original parade, games and contests, evening dances to great music of Friday's D’jable dans l’Corps and Saturday’s Danse Evangeline et Gabriel, and lots more! Come enjoy yourself!

1745, Route 124, Abram Village (Centre Expo-Festival)


Exposition Festival Site