Eastern PEI Staycation with Rebecca Sly

Rebecca Sly, one of our Local Food Advocates, recently took an Eastern PEI staycation and shared her culinary adventures on her blog. Check out her gorgeous photos and stories below and be sure to visit her blog for other PEI staycation inspiration and more.

Our Eastern PEI staycation started in Cardigan, with Terry and Neil. They gave us a guided tour of their blueberry fields and an insight into the blueberry industry. Did you know that currently, the province sells product within Canada and in addition exports frozen wild blueberries all over the world. PEI’s production of wild blueberries is over 34 million pounds annually!

We spoke about the importance of supplying blueberries locally, Terry’s farm currently supplies local breweries on the island. The berries are also used to produce Terry’s new beverage “Terry’s Berries Blueberry Lemonade”.

Thousands of years ago, Prince Edward Island was connected to the mainland through a large valley plain. Blueberry plants spread naturally to the island though this valley. As sea levels rose and glaciers retreated, the area became an island and wild blueberries began to emerge and establish. The rock free, level fields of Prince Edward Island that make potato farming favourable are also ideal for the growth and harvest of wild blueberries.

It is fantastic to see the journey of such a superior product being grown here on Prince Edward Island from field to beverage. If you haven’t tried Terry’s Berries Blueberry Lemonade yet it is an absolute must. Thank you Terry for your amazing hospitality!

Next we made our way to Georgetown and enjoyed a deep sea adventure with Captain Perry, Art and the crew at Tranquility Cove Adventures. We started the trip with a spot of mackerel fishing. I am not a natural fisherwoman I must say! Thank you to Art and Perry for being so patient with me. I did catch two fish in the end though. All of the mackerel caught were filleted and BBQ’d for us to enjoy onboard. We enjoyed the delicious melt in the mouth mackerel whilst Perry gave us a demonstration on Mussel, lobster and crab fishing.

After a fun filled day we headed off to our home for the evening, The Georgetown Inn. We were greeted by the lovely owner Rhonda, Rhonda and her husband Aubrey have owned the business since 2014. In 2003 the Georgetown Inn was recognized as a heritage place of Canada and is now protected under the Heritage Places Protection Act. 

The entrance to the property.

The Inn was originally built as residence for Honourable Joseph Wightman, shipbuilder and politician. The rooms are thoughtfully decorated, have AC and comfortable beds. We particularly enjoyed the views from the shared deck from our room (Harbour Room) and the beautiful window seat. The choice at breakfast was plentiful, I chose the eggs benny before hitting the road home.

Beautiful window seat in our room.

We ended the evening at my favourite restaurant on the Island, The Wheelhouse – located at the former interpretative train station on West Street. The restaurant showcases an abundance of seafood from the local area and executes it effortlessly, with style. Owner Terry Nabuurs, said the restaurant’s name has a double meaning which pays respect to the building’s railway history since a wheelhouse was where a train would turn around on the track.

As you were, As I want you to be, As a friend, as a friend, As an old enemy
Take your time, hurry up
Choice is yours, don’t be late
Take a rest as a friend
As an old
Memoria, memoria
Memoria, memoria

The sunset was magnificent, the wine was perfectly paired and the oysters were delicious. The location and the quality of the food there are both outstanding.

I enjoyed a dish consisting of delicately seasoned halibut in lobster cream for my main course, the halibut was perfectly cooked and the vegetables were al dente as they should be. A pet hate of mine is when restaurants overcook their vegetables, not here though! The whole dish was stunningly simple yet beautiful. We tried the Oreo cheesecake for dessert which was shared!

 I can’t wait to return one last time before the end of the season!

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