Stella’s Dining

Points East Coastal Drive


Stella's Dining, located at the entrance to Montague, is a real local gem and offers a flavour for local quality products. Stella herself has worked years in the local food service industry and now offers pride in serving the highest in quality local products. (Such quality that they raise their own chickens, pork, and beef). Homemade sauces, biscuits and pies with flaky crusts are the perfect additions to the meals served at Stella's. Stella's ambience is filled with her own handcrafted "decor" from menu covers to curtains, and even the table settings. Local carpentry and local paintings displayed around the restaurant top-off the local ambience. If you're looking for a quality restaurant serving up some of the finest homemade food around, Stella's is a must-visit.

Open 11:00am - 7:30pm daily