Canada Games Culinary Kitchen Demos: Recap

Prince Edward Island was proud to host the 2023 Canada Winter Games and n true Island style, we had to make sure everyone was well-fed during the festivities 😅!

So we teamed up with some of our favourite chefs, our industry friends, and our pals at Founders’ Food Hall and Market to host TEN culinary demos during the games.

Each of our talented Island chefs was asked to create a recipe that celebrated one of the five ingredients PEI is best known for and serve up samples to the hungry crowd watching the demo!

Of course, we know that not everyone could attend in person, so we’ve compiled all teh demo videos and recipes here! We hope you enjoy the replays and give the recipes a go at home because we can confirm that each and every one of them was outta-this-world!

Baked PEI Oysters with Gremolata & Parmesan by Chef Christine Murnaghan

When it comes to PEI oysters, you can enjoy them raw OR dress them up and they’re bound to be a hit at any dinner gathering! Here, Chef Christine Murnaghan shares her recipe for baked oysters in a classic gremolata sauce of fresh lemon, parsley, and garlic, elevated by the additoin of a little Deep Roots Limoncello Liqueur.

Check out the video here. | Get the recipe here.

PEI Potato Bravas by Chef Pico

PEI Potato Bravas, aka ‘Brave Potatoes’ are so named because they pack a bit of heat from the spices in the salsa. 

Watch Chef Pico prepare this crowd-pleasing dish, which also features a touch of sweetness from the Deep Roots Distillery Iced Apple Liqueur. And, of course, to ensure this recipe hits all the right notes, you’ll want to use Prince Edward Island Potatoes 🥔!

Check out the video here. | Get the recipe here.

Honey Garlic PEI Mussels with Deep Roots Honey Spirit by Chef Alyssa Dignard

Watch as local PEI chef Alyssa Dignard whips up this easy-peasy honey-squeezy recipe that celebrates PEI mussels in a sweet, delicious sauce! Make sure you have LOTS of napkins and some bread to soak up all that yummy sauce!

Check out the video here. | Get the recipe here.

Italian Honey Garlic PEI Beef Ragu with Chef Ilona Daniel

PEI Chef Ilona Daniel shares her top tips and tricks for making a mouthwatering Italian Honey Garlic Beef Ragu.

Of course, the most important tip is to start with the highest quality meat – Prince Edward Island Certified Beef Then you add some love ❤, time, and a generous splash of Deep Roots Distillery Honey Spirit!

Check out the video here. | Get the recipe here.

PEI Potato Croquettes w/ Deep Roots Maple Liqueur by Chef Andrew Smith

Watch as PEI Chef Andrew Smith shares his PEI Potato Croquette recipe, which is loaded with flavours 🥓🧀🥔 and oh-so-delicious!

Ooooh and did we mention, he’s elevated this dish with the sublime, sweet flavours of Deep Roots Distillery Maple Liqueur?

As Chef Andrew reminded our eager audience, potatoes are SO versatile, they can be enjoyed at breakfast, lunch, dinner, snack time…basically ANY time day or night 😅. We reckon these croquettes will pair with any protein or are equally delish on their own

Check out the video here. | Get the recipe here.

PEI Lobster Risotto by Chef Tyler Gallant

A decadent dish that is sure to impress everyone around the table, this PEI Lobster Risotto will cause a ‘stir’ wherever you go (pun intended, because it requires a lot of stirring!).

Watch as local chef Tyler Gallant prepares this classic Italian rice dish and puts a PEI spin on it with our premium lobster AND absinthe from Deep Roots Distillery!

Check out the video here. | Get the recipe here.

PEI Mussels w/Creamy Tomato & Chorizo Sauce by Chef Deandue Thompson

Spicy and sweet, this PEI Mussels with Creamy Tomato & Chorizo Sauce recipe is one you’ll want to make time and time again! Lucky for you, it’s quick and easy to prepare and Chef Deandue has some fantastic tips to make sure you infuse all sorts of flavour into this dish.

Check out the video here. | Get the recipe here.

PEI Lobster & Island Potato Gnocchi by Chef Christine Murnaghan

What do you get when you use not one, but TWO of Prince Edward Island’s most famous ingredients? Why, PEI Lobster Gnocchi, of course!

Watch as local chef Christine Murnaghan puts a PEI twist on this classic Italian dish and levels it up with Deep Roots Absinthe to boot. An impressive dish that’s easier to make than you might imagine. It’s all about sourcing the best ingredients from PEI!

Check out the video here. | Get the recipe here.

Baked PEI Oysters w/ Deep Roots Ocean Pearl Vodka Sauce by Chef Adam Loo

A decadent indulgence, Chef Adam Loo’s recipe pairs PEI oysters with a delectable sauce made with Deep Roots Ocean Pearl Vodka, bacon, Parmesan, cream, basil, parsley, and aromatics. The result is pure bliss in a half shell!

Check out the video here. | Get the recipe here.

Braised PEI Beef Short Ribs with Honey Spirit Glazed Carrots

Certified PEI Beef takes centre stage in this culinary demo led by Canadian Chef of the Year, Chef Irwin MacKinnon of Papa Joe’s Restaurant.

Watch as Chef Irwin creates this enticing Braised PEI Short Ribs with Honey Spirit Glazed Carrots recipe. Succulent PEI beef falling off the bone, paired with sweet carrots elevated to the next level with a glaze made with Deep Roots Distiller’s Honey Spirit.

Check out the video here. | Get the recipe here.


And there you have it, 5 of PEI’s world-renowned ingredients, 10 incredible recipes, 9 uber-talented PEI chefs, and a boatload of Deep Roots Distillery products! We hope you try these recipes at home and we hope to see you at our next Culinary Kitchen Demo series – stay tuned to our socials for details. In the meantime, be sure to visit our recipe database for plenty more recipes celebrating PEI’s best ingredients!

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