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PEI Beef has been receiving rave reviews from top chefs and butchers in Canada. Beef refers to meat derived from dressed carcasses of bovine animals having a warm weight of 150 kgs or more. It may be derived from male or female animals.


Beef has been produced in Atlantic Canada since the area was settled. Livestock has played a significant role in the agriculture sector ever since. It has been a source of meat and dairy products, as well as a source of fertility and land rotation for the horticulture industry. PEI's small family farms, which dot the rolling hill landscape, are a testament to the quality foods they produce. Cattle are raised in a traditional way. The animals enjoy primarily pastured grasses, grass and clover silage and hay, as well as local grains and potatoes. This natural diet, combined with the time-honoured technique of caring for the animals produces a superior quality beef, rich in marbling and flavour.


PEI Beef is first divided into primal cuts. These are basic sections from which steaks and other subdivisions are cut. Beef is an excellent source of complete protein and minerals such as zinc, selenium, phosphorus and iron, and B vitamins.



Scientific Name

Bos primigenius

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