9 PEI-Inspired Holiday Recipes You HAVE to Try

The holidays have arrived – hooray! If you’re the kind of person who loves cooking up a storm and hosting parties during this festive season, you’ve probably been searching high and low for knock-their-taste-buds-off recipes that you can whip up at home.

Look no further, we have you covered! We’ve got NINE ah-maz-ing recipes that are perfect for holiday hosting, festive feasting or any other occasion throughout the year. Best of all, each recipe celebrates the incredible ingredients that have put Canada’s Food Island on the map, from PEI lobster to potatoes, oysters, mussels and beef!

1. PEI Lobster Gin Martini with Deep Roots Distillery Honey of a Gin

A luxurious twist on a classic cocktail, this PEI lobster gin martini is a showstopper!

Created by the one and only Chef Irwin Mackinnon, this appetizer/cocktail pairs PEI lobster with honey gin from Deep Roots Distillery and a few other flavourful ingredients to create a martini that is stunning in every way!

2. Potato Cakes with Red Ale Aioli

Prince Edward Island Potatoes 🥔 and beer 🍺 may seem like humble ingredients, but they can most definitely take centre stage at the dinner table or your holiday party!

All you need is a chef-inspired recipe from Chef Adam Loo to transform leftover mashed potatoes and craft red ale (or lager!) into a magical appetizer of Potato Cakes with a homemade red ale aioli!

3. Oysters Pearl Islandfeller

Chef Andrew Smith’s twist on the classic Oysters Rockefeller is a delectable celebration of Island ingredients, with premium PEI oysters at the centre. This easy-to-make recipe also features Deep Roots Distillery’s Ocean Pearl Vodka, as well as COWS Clothbound Cheddar and ADL Whipping Cream – yum! It’s a showstopping appetizer that’s made for festive celebrations!

4. Mussels & Mead Bruschetta

For a show-stopping, budget-friendly appetizer, you HAVE to try Nick Tomasic’s marvellous mussel & mead bruschetta! This tasty twist on an Italian classic showcases the versatility of PEI mussels and also features PEI potatoes and a special mead from the Island Honey Wine Co., called ‘Cyser’. Yum!

5. Christmas Brisket French Dip Sandwiches

🥪 Comfort food is taken a notch up with this melt-in-your-mouth Christmas Brisket French Dip Sandwiches recipe courtesy of Chef Alyssa Dignard.

The secret to these succulent sandwiches is, of course, to use the very best ingredients, including Prince Edward Island Certified Beef and Libra Non-Alcoholic Stout from Upstreet Craft Brewing

6. Potato Pave with Herbed Red Island Cider Glaze

Put a stylish twist on your holiday potato dish with this easy-yet-decadent recipe from Chef Christine Murnaghan of Gallants & Co. Island Food To Go 😍

Chef Christine lets PEI Potatoes shine in this French-inspired dish, and pairs them with Red Island Cider and heavy cream from ADL for a truly luxurious treat that’s vegetarian-friendly and bound to be a crowd-pleaser!

7. Baked Oysters with a Crispy Pancetta-Tomato-Basil Mignonette

A fresh take on surf-n-turf, this delectable oyster recipe by Chef Deandue Thompson is the perfect blend of delicate and rich flavours, along with a menagerie of textures that add to the eating experience.

8. Mussels Dijonnaise

Chef Ilona Daniel brings her signature creativity and love for bright flavour profiles to this bold mussel dish.

All you need to whip up this delish appetizer is a few pounds of PEI mussels, some high-quality Dijon mustard (we recommend Atlantic Mustard Mill), and a can of light beer, such as Copper Bottom’s Blonde Ale.

9. PEI Lobster Chowder with Apples and Cider

While it may not seem like an obvious match, PEI apples perfectly complement the sweet, delicate flavours of PEI lobster without overwhelming them in this delightful recipe by Chef Tyler Gallant. This sublimed lobster chowder features fresh apples 🍎as well as craft cider from Double Hill Cidery, along with PEI potatoes and butter + cream from ADL!

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