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We provide inspiration to food lovers and support to food entrepreneurs, so everyone can be part of Canada’s Food Island story.

On Canada’s Food Island you’ll find passionate people working together to
grow ingredients sustainably and create innovative products, so food lovers everywhere can enjoy a taste of Prince Edward Island.

And we want you to be a part of our unique food story. Whether you’re searching for dinner inspiration, planning a culinary trip to PEI, or want to grow your food business, we’ll help you be the hero of your own food story.


Tired of racking your brain for meal ideas that are flavourful and easy to make?

Our recipes are crafted with care and love to showcase PEI ingredients, so every meal you make will be outstanding.

You’ll actually look forward to cooking again and be the hero of your household (at least until mealtime is over!)

Our Island-Made Recipes


It’s time to stop feeling like you’re spinning your wheels with your food business or idea.

Our experts will help you get unstuck and clear on where you’re going. Then we’ll provide you with the support to grow your business and become a hero of Canada’s Food Island.


Dreaming of an epic culinary vacation on PEI, but worried you’re going to miss the premier events, best adventures, and hidden gems?

Relax, we have everything you need to plan and experience an unforgettable time on Canada’s Food Island.

Canada's Food Island Toolkit

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